Daycare management software you'll love!.

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Attract Customers

Gain a competive edge for your daycare center by offer parents a 'piece of mind' and insight into their child's activities using technology that they expect.

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Save Time!

Utilize electronic logging for quick and accurate logs. Save time with automatic notifications. Have more time to build your daycare center into something your customers expect and trust.

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Stay Informed

Quickly have the information you need, at your finger tips, when you need it. Make informed decesions to succeeded at your daycare center.

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Special Early-Bird Offer

Stay informed of our launch, sign-up today to get a special offer! Get information on how CommuniCub can help your daycare center.

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With CommuniCub, daycares have a platform to help build trust with their customers. Save time and ensure accuracy by electronically logging events to effectivly communicate with parents using mobile technologies they appreciate. Providing piece of mind is a primary interest to all parents.

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Easy to Use, Save Time

Managing a day care could not be easier with CommuniCub. Start saving time and simply management with CommuniCub's automatic notifications and activity logging. Stop wasting time calling parents, instead use CommuniCub to send automatic notifications to remind parents of supply levels or planned activities.

Best Choice in Day Care Management

Only CommuniCub gives you the tools you need to capture everything in a child's day. Everything from check-in to check-out, CommuniCub allows you to quickly log activities such as diaper changes, supply levels, mood and more. CommuniCub allows you to decide what gets logged and will quickly print a daily log at check-out.

Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone Friendly

Use a computer or a tablet and access all of CommuniCub's features. Create trust with your customers and allow parents access to thier child's timeline from a mobile device.

Build and Grow your Enrollment

In this digital age, new parents are now expecting technology in their child's day. Stand out from your competition and give your customer what they expect! Guardians are able to log into a secure parent's portal and get the information they need.